Monday, March 16, 2009

A very special birthday

Happy Birthday to the cutest girl in America! (no! I don't want 100 emails from the other families who think that, in FACT, THEY have the cutest little girl in America .... although, if you REALLY think you know the cutest girl in America, surprise me. )

Just can't keep the camera off you babe!

The ever present paparazzi being ever present. Poor girl, she probably will grow up better able to relate to a camera then a person.

Singing her own song


In honor of Josh's last day at Target, we have cute little Target dogs ... Just think, work for Target long enough and YOU TOO could have cute little Target dogs.


The return of the world famous (thanks to this here blog) Monohand brothers from Ireland

Hi Nana Flynn! The Lord's blessing and a full recovery for your leg!


Melanie said...

"Just can't keep the camera off you babe!" Which babe? ;-)

Michael, I totally agree with you Hanneke IS the cutest little girl! That top picture renders me speechless... Micaiah said, "If only I was younger" :-)

Joy said...

I love the picture with Amanda and Rebekah!