Monday, March 23, 2009

Our first married ball ...

With no other girls in the house, it becomes my duty to assist my wife ...

Budding blog competitions

They say the larger the bow tie, the more you have to watch for the slick salesman.

"I'd like to welcome you all ..."

As an ice breaker, they randomly paired up two families. Each family pair was given six minutes to get to know the other family. Then, each pair had to get up in front of everyone and introduce the other. Here the slick salesman introduces the Kaisers

Tim then introduces the Hubaczfamily

Do you ever just stop and think

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to What's my Line


Will she break?


A new panel (my wife beat me by the way. I guess if anyone knows Austen, she would)

A quick conference



Time to teach. I have to give it to this crowd. They were the BEST and fastest learning group EVER.

Calling my first songs ever. What a challenge! My brain wasn't ever so challenged before.

Well, I guess they like it



JD said...

Hey Michael,
Jordan here (the salesman) its Hubacz not Hueback.
Great pics. Congrats on the baby.
Yours Truly,
Jordan (a.k.a Mr. Darcy, and The Slick Salesman)

Michael Thomas said...

My Apologies Sir,

Spelling has been changed. Thanks for making things such a great time.