Friday, February 27, 2009

Well Folks,
I am now a married man, a very blessed and very happy married man. 
The wedding went very well. There were, of course, some last minute things, but God was faithful, and everything came together beautifully. Thank you all who prayed for us!
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Rebekah and I thoroughly enjoyed going through our wedding pics ... over and over and over again ;-).
Thank you so much Brian for making sure we could bring the pictures with us.
So, as I sit here in our room up in Vermont, I think over God's faithfulness. I have been given an amazing gift. The gift of Rebekah's heart. I know I don't deserve it. In some ways it reminds me of the gift of life I received through my parents, or of Jesus's gift of his life to us. Somehow, I've been given a gift. All I can do right now is say, "Thank you God!" Life is amazing.
As always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael & (now) Rebekah Thomas
Webmaster for the Grand Adventure III

Prep at the guys house

"The fat piece goes around the skinny piece ..." 

Taking a moment to lighten things up

Things look peaceful enough

Matthew gives me a last minute touch up ... wait ... do guys actually DO that?

All frivolity aside, we take a moment for prayer.

And we are off ...

Adjusting things ...

Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile, cameras are reporting live from the Bride's house, where we have a the ability to see more unique behind-the-scenes footage you've come to expect from the Grand Adventure blog

The artist approaches her "canvas" ... no two faces are the same

"... his bride has made herself ready. 
 Fine linen, bright and clean, 
      was given her to wear."

Sisters are made ready


Nothing like playing one's instrument to calm one's nerves

Fingers dance

All is ready

"... Michael ... yeah I just wanted to make sure you had all the ties."

In which we arrive

My bride arrives at the church

I do hope the minister is not having second thoughts about this ...

My devoted brother-in-law AKA Hunko Jordo

Unfortunately, it is my duty to let you all  know that roses do NOT stand up to 470 people hugging you in a receiving line. Please take this into consideration for ALL future weddings and choose a more durable product. 

So we are here at the church ready to do the group formals (an idea I questioned at first, but it turned out to be probably the most relaxed way to do it especially with our very limited time afterwards) any way, as I was saying, we are ready to roll, everyone is getting into position and we realize, WHERE'S THE PHOTOGRAPHER ... everyone just breathe and try not to panic ...

While they wait 

One proud father.

Picture time

"Ok folks, let's pull this thing together ..."

Our dedicated photographer


Now THAT is one amazing wedding party. I am, without the slightest shade of doubt, a very VERY blessed man.

The Wedding Party Sits

The girls 

"Robert, don't don't you think she should be sitting at a 43 degree angle?"

Things we do to get the baby to smile ...

"Sorry sir, we are out of red shirts"

The arrival of more relatives

Vive Le Brooks Management

I'll not let you go ...


And you thought this was wedding. In reality, it's all a convenient cover up for the most secret cover up in history. Of course, if it was a secret, I wouldn't be telling you ... or would I?

Lobby shots



In less then an hour, she won't have to blow me a kiss any more ...

Peril ... or perhaps, just the appearance of peril

Either she's really strong ... or .... well, let's just go with she's really strong ;-)

At least my guys are with it ...



Wide angle portrait

Behind the scenes of the final moments ...

My grandfather and father who have paved the way.

Final moments


A final word of prayer

One stunning wedding party!

In a moment, all shall be changed ...

Heading towards the door.

Meanwhile, I stand with my men and Robert

Chris loosens me up with a "manly" back rub ;-)