Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Folks,
My family is definitely in the throes of moving. 
Totally busy!
I am not looking forward to them leaving, but I'm looking forward to picking up the pieces and organizing life. Things are way too chaotic right now!
As always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah & Jack
Book recommendation of the week ...
The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults
Quote of the week, "U.S. Ranks 49th in Life Expectancy, First in Health Care Costs" ... maybe it's time to think about the way we do things!

Everything in one post ...

So, my family's house is a mess! But that's ok ....

... 'cause I'm going sailing.

With a good wind, Brian warned us that things could be a bit "Adventurous"  

My wife decided she'd give it a whirl

Thanks Brian!

Jack is definitely hooked (all right, I'm not totally sure what he really thinks, but I think sea water runs in his veins)

"So here is my outfit on Micaiah and here is my outfit on Marscel" 

Hosting some out of state guests 

Can you think of a better time of year to visit?

"I can't" 

Is it ... could it be ... yes ... Jack is WALKING! (I feel like such a "daddy" getting all excited about that. Oh wait! I AM a daddy)

Birthday wishes to a visitor from afar.

Stumping across the campaign trail

Seasonal Art


Nelson takes it all in





Ok, so here is where it starts to get a bit surreal (empty walls ... boxes ... paper plates ... weird! Just weird!)

Packing (how can I be saying that?)

Not sure I thought I'd see this day!


Sunday afternoon the Flynns came over. We had a chance to take some final "glamour" / family / friends forever shots

So ... yeah

Biz partners?

Friends shot 

Just a great shot of my family!


Really friends 


So this basically sums up our relationship growing up. Melanie got mad, and I tried to make her laugh (yeah ... it worked). 


Totally Friends

Really Friends

Definitely Friends

Positively friends 

Absolutely Friends

Really friends 

Crazy Friends 

Wonder where we get it from?


Shootin' the breeze with the movers

I bet she'll have them using essential oils by the time they leave.

Must be a brain type thing 

What's moving without pizza ...

... or the open road to move upon.
Well folks ... that's it for now! Y'all come again, ya hear?