Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Open House

Sunday afternoon ... (yes ... there is MORE) it was on to the Axberg's farm open house to celebrate a dream becoming reality. 

What's a new farm without DOGS! (yes that's a statement not a question)

Such a gathering it was! Folks from all different circles just stopping by for burgers and a look around. 

So yeah it was this guy that was responsible for filling the yard with all that epic looking smoke. 


Apparently Jack isn't the only kiddo being passed around like a football at game practice. 

Ever look at a picture that just makes you smile ...  I have.

In fine spirits! 

Darkness falls upon the happy people. For the host, that's usually a good sign. 

Of course, again, there are good byes to say ... farewells overshadowing the otherwise joyous occasion. 

Just kinda liked this one.

Art ... So yeah ... that's it. Y'all come again! Ya hear?

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