Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello Folks,
What a fun 2 weeks. Everything from a beautiful wedding, to Christmas, to gifts to snow plowing. First time I was ever awake for over 24 hours!
I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. God bless us ... everyone.
As always,
Love In Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah & Jack
Recomendation of the week ...


An early Christmas dinner with my dad's family

Playing a neat game called Ubongo - A cross between Tetris and who knows what. Very fast paced, fun and my wife was AWSOME at it!


A wedding to remember ...

A friend ... a brother. Dressed differently I know, but both here for the same purpose. The wedding of Ben & Kat

"Let's go!  These things never start on time." 

And these things never work

Keeping Jack entertained with his favorite toy

"But wait ... here, she comes ..."

Yes ... she does 

"You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace." 

The charge 

With a smirk like that, one would have thought there was a little brandy in your eggnog my dear. 

A grand entrance by the bridal party

About to cut up the cake. But wait! Is that the sheet music to You Fill Up My Senses by John Denver?

And is this not the most beautiful acapella arrangement of that song one has ever heard?

You long time followers may remember their wedding from a couple years ago.  

Mother & son

Ever get that sneaky feeling that those little shutterbugs will someday give you a run for your money? 

So after the tear jerker (no I didn't actually cry) arrangement of You Fill Up My Senses, the whole Christian Acapella group these two started came up and did an amazing performance of the song Arms  of Love (see video below) ... ok maybe I DID cry


Oh yeah!

As a couple ... impacting Tufts for Love

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas ... dream NO longer

Bekah's art 

The one meal out 1095 in a year that Jeff actually cooks ... Christmas breakfast 

The beautiful golden brown stuff 

Good thing we arrived in time! 

With cameras ready, Jack is showered with Holiday stuff 

Making sure my camera still works 

Jeff contemplates the consequences 


I think someone stole me camera 

Think it's gonna snow! Think it's gonna snow!

Someone's all ready

Over at Nana's house

"Get this thing off my HEAD!!" 

Oh wait .... a camera 

Game time 

Played a game called Anything Goes ... had fun. Didn't like the game though 

Hmm ... I think it was easier when he just nursed


A new favorite game

An old favorite game 

The joy of a large dry towel (wish I had one like THAT when I got out of the shower)


Wassailing along

"Siiiiiilent night"

Good to have you back brother!

Local residents shower us with cookies and cider 

Jeff leads with his famous fingerless gloves