Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chlorine in your baby carrots? Full article here: Mercola Hmmm ... what will they think of next!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Because we all need a good laugh ... Cletus, Take the Reel

Hello Folks,
'Tis getting late, but I must say hi. So ... "HI"
This last weekend was an absolutely fantastic break in the routine of things. No, I didn't go sky diving, climb Mt. St. Helens or even do anything totally big and amazing. We were with my fam on Sat and Bekah's relative reunion cook out on Sun and we were totally rested. 
Praise God for his goodness!
In Christ Jesus,
Michael & Rebekah Thomas
Things we do ...

Awaiting the reception

Saturday we went to a reception for Andrew Demeusy who got married in Colorado

Art meets mug shot

My wife feeling a little woozy taking a break on the couch


Fishbowl effect

Still a bit early for the reception, we take a walk

Bro 1 walks

Bro 2 does too

Slow dramatic music plays as we .... cross the bridge

At the Demeusy reception at last

Reminiscing about the times when we were little. The Demeusy's were one of the first family's we really knew who home schooled. They were pioneers!

Pics of the honeymoon put on display

Look what I found!

"We know Michael ... we know"

A crowd forms

A couple informal Formals I was able to grab



Portrait 2

At last, a home we can afford

Portrait time again

The homestead is not totally ours!

Bankers! Gotta watch out for the bankers! 

Hey dahlin'

The party is complete

One for my dad ...

Rarely have I seen my dad fall so in love with technological gadgetry on the spot ...

This little baby stole his heart at first sight

Back at Kathy's ...

Do you ever have one of those afternoon where you are completely at peace? One of those times when the family is together, and no matter what anyone does, it just feels right.

Kathy's yard is living proof that anywhere can be a haven of beauty, color and life. If Nashua can look this good, well ...

All it takes, are plants and a few good books to create a miniature paradise

Chronicling the Thomas life

Art of discovery

The hobbit welcomes you

One by one, we examine the the forgotten ruins

Can we get in?

"The secret to success is constancy of purpose" Benjamin Disraeli

So we sat and talked of politicks of men & Providence of God;
our rears got wet as we sat on the dewey sod

Something about the way a fire flickers and grabs our imagination ...

Sunday afternoon

After church, I was honored to take a quick shot for the Hathaway's family picture. You might remember Mr. Hathaway from his recent political forays in Rhode Island. Who knows, we might see him again ...

An ode' to family gatherings

There stands in the vale a monument to the ingenuity of a creative young mind

Yes, God has a sense of humor in abstract art. Who would have thought, a purple mushroom?

As barbed wire cut up the open range, so the haunts of our youth are cut up piece by piece by these little plastic signs.

Farewell to an era gone by

Could have been the weather
Could of just been Steve
But blueberries there weren't many
So few I couldn't believe
(Steve came all the way from S.C. just to be on this blog ... what a great new cousin in law)

The failed blueberry expedition over, the cards are brought forth




So, Josh, what exactly IS in your hand?

Abbey's Art

Thank you Abbey!

The sun sets low, and around the fire we gather

Well folks, that's all for now. Remember what great works God has wrought.