Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hello folks,
No house yet. Life moves on with some level of monotony, some level level of excitement and occasional times of feeling absolutely on the edge of life. 
Please do keep us in prayer. House stuff, business stuff, and yet, I'm still trying not to forget the little things. 
Praise God for his Providence!
As always,
Love In Christ Jesus,
Michael & Rebekah Thomas
Book recommendation for the week is:

A baby's life & Roger's Party

"So!" "Some of you out there, wonder what I do all day"

"Help daddy blog"

"I watch mommy cook"

"I learn the ropes of the yellow bucket"

"And I make the all important decision ... the red one or the blue one"

Roger's surprise 50th birthday party

Few things give great grandmother's as great joy as ... great grandchildren.

Of course the aunt's are still enamored

Um ... shouldn't we be getting things ready?

I'm on it!

"Poor Uncle Roger, will he be scared?"

I love my wife!

Yeah ...


Brother's vie for the best way to wish Roger "Happy Birthday"

In the end, we hear Roger's life as told by the Weary Home Companion

It struck some chord deep inside him

No chords struck there.

Media ever present.

Family sized ice cream 

We know something you don't!

"Got Milk!"

Talking with one of my mentors. Probably telling me to "be patient" or something important like that.

Saturday morning mentorship continues

With a tray like that, I can not help but enjoy this saturday morning mentorship thing

Totally focused

Isaac deals with remote chaos

"See that Jack! Multigenerational AND multilocational faithfulness"

Newport Tour

Though we've been here before, my dad just can't resist the chance of sharing the the church where George Washington once worshiped ... 
George Washington's Sacred Fire
The story of our first President's true faith

So much history ... 

So much to think and ponder

"So what actually keeps this building up are these hidden steel frames"

"Steel? Now that's what we are talking about."

Our family shot grows


"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom." How did these men live?

"Mr. Hankock!"

As we go by the Newport Armory, I discovered the door, usually locked, is cracked. Sure enough, there were STAFF!

These cannons were forged at the Paul Revere forge. 

Matthew blends in with the natives. 

Bear skin or not, you smell funny!

Melanie brandishes a pike actually used during the war for the United States Independence.  

Fort Adams

Michael Flat Feet Lord of the Pants

My Minions Flee in Terror

Though I would love to tell you how my super smart father was sharing the amazing history of the fort. I think "ok ... I'm getting cold, let's head back to the van" was closer to reality at this point. 

Perseverance, Creativity, Leading, Composition, Questioning and Boldness

Setting Sun shines on the smiling sisters

Behold! The historical ocean.

Marscel is amazed at the the lack of fear in the local wildlife

"For you will have a covenant with the stones of the field, 

       and the wild animals will be at peace with you."

Good night ... y'all come again, ya hear?