Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hello My Readers,
It has been a while since I have posted. I almost gave in to the thought that I might not post. Not post! But the call was too loud, the pull was too strong, the draw too powerful. I must post, yes I must! So, below are some highlights of the past couple weeks. 
Bekah is feeling very well. I appreciate all your prayers. 
I have to run!
As always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael & Rebekah Thomas
Webmasters for the Grand Adventure Volume III

Taking care of the bachelors

With my mother out in Missouri for my sister's baby's birth, we host my father and my brother and share our left over's.

Left over's and a sermon discussion.

A rare and precious flower in New England



Congrads to the Grad


I think, I think he does not quite comprehend.

While some chatted merrily, others fired up the grill

The Flynns arrive

A time for ceremony

Mr. Itterman opens up the afternoon with a few words 

we listen

my parents listen

this young man is still learning to listen

Audience Art

A girl blows bubbles

From across the lawn, the wind blows, the cloth rustles and the baloons rise and fall, and still our hosts speak on. They speak of life, of meaning, of a little girl becoming a women, of history, of science, of creation and of the creator.


In time, we heard from Sarah. 

Speeches over, the food is prepared and passed out

Team A

Team B ... HOW did THEY win?

A defining moment of the day

Matthew accepts the homage of the masses

I will never bow before HIM!

"Yes, neither shall I! I shall rather die then bow before a man. Freedom is my longing and freedom is my passion. Freedom to follow the dictates of consience" (editors note, everyone was actually looking for my sister's ring)


Feline Art

While I was at the greenhouse picking up some flowers for work, I noticed a cat evidently preparing to take "The leap"

With a swift hand, I grabbed my camera and caught the beast in action

Fear ME!

Birthday bash

Visiting in honor of Jeff & Steve's birthday (twins you see)


"Happy Birthday"

A time for cards


A time for music

The Care Net Event

Baby William Locksley graces us with his iconic presence

Set up

A close call

Cables are run, settings are set, and at last everything is ready.

"Wow, not bad"

Hmmm ... I don't think I even shaved when I was his age.


The maiden of the hour



Piano Wars & the Parent's Anxiety

A few strong notes call forth a duel of the pianists

"Mom! Don't worry, she can do it."

Back and forth the melodies run, competing, running, agreeing and flowing 

Dad is set on edge

In a moment, it was over. Perfection was, perhaps, almost achieved. A double bow and they were gone.

Breath! It was at last time to breath again.


Musicians having played, the people having gone, it was time to clean up.