Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello Folks,
After reviewing this week's post, one would think that all I do is visit botanical gardens. I assure you, that is not true. I still sleep and eat.
I am learning a lot. Life is at times way to busy, but then that is my opinion and apparently not an opinion shared by God as he has put such tasks before me.
Melissa is doing well as far as I know. No! The name William Locksley Niednagel is NO joke. See more here
Bekah is feeling even better this week. Thanks to all for your prayers. We both came down with something over the weekend (blah!!!). I have I hopes for a recovery in the morning.
As always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael & Rebekah Thomas

Random stuff and Musketeer highlights



Lunchtime Art

In which Jon sets the all time Ad Lib record for their acting troupe

You're so vain, I bet you think this post is about you!

Scary when a lass so fine can act so evil!

After the play we pass the sweaty wig around


The pull of conscience or vice

Our greenhouse

The mighty walkers.

Cell phones ... sometimes I love how connected we are ... other times. Well, I just want to get off the grid. Then I realize, no grid ... no blog. No blog ... no ART!


"Unless the Lord guards the city the watchmen stay awake in vain"

"Avast Sir! The enemy advances"

Some landing bro!

Forget the enemy's advance! 'Tis love that matters now.


The advance of the enemy is forgotten also by our eccentric botanist

Again, how can we remember the enemy, when art is before us?


Sensing that his company was lost in either love or botanical revelations, the watchman prepares to pick a flower to be placed by his grave.

The eccentric botanist retires to a nearby fortress ...

The man lost in love, seeks shelter with his beloved in a nearby monestary. The end

Workin' hard or hardly workin? Tis hard to tell from this picture because although they are hardly working, it could be the consequence of working hard and with such scant evidence as a photo to work with, I can hardly tell you that such a hypothesis will work.

Congrads to the grads

Party time

Here's to the graduate! I'll see you in 2020 at the latest.

When Chris is on the move, there is no stopping the 5 ft something giant hearted fella

Blithewold Rejuvination

Sunday after church, both Bekah & I began to feel the woozies, the head aches and blahhhhs. So ... we went to Blithewold to rejuvinate. Nothing like a nap on the lawns of some 'istoric estate to revive the spirits.

Posed conversation (of course it's POSED ... with only us two to experience this rejuvination, everything is POSED)

My darling




Memorial Day

Since we weren't feeling very good, Bekah and I ended up staying at my parent's house (since they were gone that night) ... what a place to stay when you've got the woozie whutsies. Essential oils, teas galore and the next morning we rummaged through their stock and made a shake to remember. (Hey Mom! Remember those strawberries you had ... ;-)

Later, we were off to Sandwhich to see the Heritage Museum and Gardens

I've never seen so many different and just so many Rhododendruns in my life!

Vibrancy meets vibrant


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Press Release

~William Locksley Niednagel~

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a boy :-) William Niednagel (the middle name isn't decided yet)
He was born at 6:37pm on May 15th
He weighed 7lb 4 oz and was 22 in. long


With love in Christ Jesus - Michael

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hello Folks,
Life ... it is something worth preserving. It is something worth fighting for. If anyone is interested, please join us Sat. June 13th at 6:30 PM at the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School. (Link for address) On that day our friend Erin Morrissey is putting on a Jazz / Modern / Classical / Whatever concert / fund raiser for Care Net (Link to Care Net).
Suggested donations: Adults $10, Students & Seniors $5. Under 5 is * FREE * (could life get any better - FREE!) - Family maximum fee is $35.00. The dough is collected at the door. Dress code is dressy casual.
Donations at the door. If you can't come, well DON'T WORRY. Thou can still donate! Simply send your checks to Care Net RI
245 Phenix Avenue
Crantson, RI 02920
P.S. I have it on good authority that Amanda will be singing.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello Folks,
Well, I pruned things back a bit this week. Please don't suppose that's because I haven't been doing much, quite the opposite.
Business is still challenging and a stretching experience.
Bekah is feeling a lot better. Thank you all for your prayers.
Melissa is due ANY DAY!
As always.
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael & Rebekah Thomas
Josh and mulch

No! Puleeze NO!

Our first midwife visit

On the left, roughly the size of our baby. On the right, how big it'll be in three weeks. No WONDER Bekah is so HUNGRY!

Just routine

The Garden

Over the summer, this angle will be used as a window to monitor the progress of our garden. You, dear readers have the opportunity to stay in tune with the latest and greatest in New England Agriculture

Dave's "store bought" stuff. (Does that strike ANYONE out there as cheating even just slightly?)

A task requiring precision, accuracy and well a blue hat. A task that clearly requrires NOAH!

My botanist consultant.

A man with a mission

Isn't it great when fulfilling your dad's mission means using some cool tools?

Hello Coleen

Ready to actually dig into it

You know I think I have a picture of my great grandfather that looks EXACTLY like this.