Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Folks,
Life is beginning to slip back into some sort of normalcy. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, although I missed my family's epic approach to the holiday. 
Crunch time for clean outs before we get any snow!
As Always, 
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah & Jack
CD recommendation for the week ... 
Celtic Harpestry. Been around for a while, but I still come back to it. Makes great background music when company is over. 

Celtic Harpestry

A couple of misc. shots

Jack and I get some work done in our office 

Enjoying the news ... HEY!!! There's Jack & me!

A most relaxed Thanksgiving


Deep in your eyes ... 

Jeff does the honors

Now that's good! Oh yeah ... 

A discourse on stuff 

Enjoying the effects of a great meal

Relaxing as Jeff shares the Pilgrim story. It was a reminder of conviction and courage. 

My son has been wearing his pants so low lately, I'm beginning to think he hopes to be a plumber. 

Auntie & Nephew enjoying some quality time

So yeah ... I'm cute! 

Someday, I hope a "family" shot like this looks more like a collage 

Later, some played games ...

Some slept

Then ... more games

Deep concentration

Enjoying a game of Knockout with Lydia

Backgammon with Jeff 


Some learn the hard way not to steal dessert from Nanna!

Order is restored again

The boys of fall ...

Gettin' pumped and ready to roll 

Warming up

"You want fries with that?"

The epic catch!

"Well! See if he can catch THIS one!"

Almost ready ...

Airborne! (Although, I must say, my outfit looks absolutely goofy)

Before the grid iron

One of the few times I actually made some yardage

The start of a great play

Never before seen footage of Silas practicing to cut the cake (judging by the look on Hannah's face, I'm going say he needs more practice before the big day ... sorry man. I do give lessons if you're interested)

And what does one do with all that free time of a long weekend (assuming one owns a house) ...

Finally sorting the basement and setting up our shelving system following our move 

Yes, we are still ... STILL!!! ... finding those little notes our family decorated our last love nest with

The love rolls one ...

Now if I can just keep my truck this clean ... ;-) 

Well folks, that's all for now. Y'all come again! Ya hear?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well Folks,
What a great weekend. Our participation in the Thanksgiving parade was increased to "float-spotting". Bekah, Jack and I guided the "First Thanksgiving" float through the masses. So much fun! Jack on my back was quite the experience. He didn't seem to think so (fell asleep part way through).
If you have the patience for it, my wife made it into a clip of some parade coverage here ...
Gotta run!
As always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah & Jack
Video Recommendation of the week is ...
The Scarlet and the Black
The Scarlet and the Black
(A great old time WWII story of courage, faith and conviction)

A grand day!

With a view like that, it's got to be a great day!

In which Bekah, Jack & I had the opportunity to spot / direct a float in the Plymouth Thanksgiving Hometown parade. Lotsa fun. Watching all the re-enactors get ready made me miss all the reenactments I used to do with my family way back when. 

With my mother gone, it was up to us to keep the tradition going.  


Quality work

Keeping things smelling great. 

Well, Kathy's here. Where are the hoardes of people? 

Hoards at last! 

Happy customers 

Quizzical customers ...  

Quirky customers

Stunned customers ...

Taking it all in. 

Perks my friends ... perks!

Jack, of course, was a hit.  

Andrew demonstrates a little sleight of hand 

One of those great chats with the Thomases