Sunday, November 21, 2010

A grand day!

With a view like that, it's got to be a great day!

In which Bekah, Jack & I had the opportunity to spot / direct a float in the Plymouth Thanksgiving Hometown parade. Lotsa fun. Watching all the re-enactors get ready made me miss all the reenactments I used to do with my family way back when. 

With my mother gone, it was up to us to keep the tradition going.  


Quality work

Keeping things smelling great. 

Well, Kathy's here. Where are the hoardes of people? 

Hoards at last! 

Happy customers 

Quizzical customers ...  

Quirky customers

Stunned customers ...

Taking it all in. 

Perks my friends ... perks!

Jack, of course, was a hit.  

Andrew demonstrates a little sleight of hand 

One of those great chats with the Thomases

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thomasmama said...

home away from home....Kathy was so blessed! Thanks for carrying on the tradition. I LOVE YOU!!!