Sunday, November 28, 2010

A most relaxed Thanksgiving


Deep in your eyes ... 

Jeff does the honors

Now that's good! Oh yeah ... 

A discourse on stuff 

Enjoying the effects of a great meal

Relaxing as Jeff shares the Pilgrim story. It was a reminder of conviction and courage. 

My son has been wearing his pants so low lately, I'm beginning to think he hopes to be a plumber. 

Auntie & Nephew enjoying some quality time

So yeah ... I'm cute! 

Someday, I hope a "family" shot like this looks more like a collage 

Later, some played games ...

Some slept

Then ... more games

Deep concentration

Enjoying a game of Knockout with Lydia

Backgammon with Jeff 


Some learn the hard way not to steal dessert from Nanna!

Order is restored again


Jordan's Girl said...

Cari is so beautiful and so is you wife! And the plumber Jack comment made me laugh out loud and the picture of Mia made me cry out loud because I can't believe I haven't met her and I love the attitude in which everyone is lounging as Jeff reads the story
:-) Missing all the New England family! Praying for global warming so you can come out at Christmas! :-) Love you guys~ Melissa

thomasmama said...

Nana looks so beautiful!!! Glad she kept you in line. lol