Sunday, November 21, 2010

The battle

Ladies and gentleman, for those who aren't on face book, I introduce the one and ONLY Ray! Whoo aaa!

Smoke blows across the battle field as I am about to get NAILED by Jeff hiding behind the pile 

Peter's Art (In fact, a hearty thanks to Peter who took all the pics and GENEROUSLY donated them to the Grand A blog) 

A pounding head clouds my mind.
  My lips are dry and my lungs protest.
Chaos is all I find
I advance towards the greatest test

Tip ... NEVER wear a white sweatshirt to a battle 

Much more appropriately dressed

How, sir, how can one tag one such as this?

White sweatshirt or not, he is imposing 

Hit ... I'm hit! 

There comes a time in ones life that one has waited for. The rare moment when there are only a couple guys guarding the flag.  

With the gun set at auto, I race in for the kill.  

It was a sweet moment of success. 


Us (I liked us) 

Another level headed warrior 

Move up the middle and go! go! go!

Well folks, that's it! VIVE LE-SMOKE BOMBS

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Jonathan said...

Lol, nice captions! And yes, that's my Dad (*coughandcouncilmen* ;))!