Friday, April 8, 2011

Hello folks,

Well spring is totally here, which means that landscaping is in full swing. It also means that life is in full swing. Busy swing.
Gotta run.
As always .... Love in Christ Jesus
Michael, Rebekah & Jack

PS Jack's gonna be a BROTHER!  yes I said that
Book recommendation I've got my head stuck in again with gardening coming up ...
The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener (A Gardener's Supply Book)

Whirl wind visits

Do ever have those days when you have snots running out of your nose and banana gunk in your hair ... yeah, it's been a while for me too. 

At LAST, I can take my wife to see my sister's house in Missouri.  

Stocking up for all those diapers to be filled. 

Up, up and away

Kind of liked the rows and rows of seats 

So the next morning, after riding up and down back roads, Bekah getting THOROUGHLY motion sick from the back roads, and finally getting to bed after midnight, we wake up bleary eyed with healthy shakes in hand ready to face the day 

Sizing up the visitors  

A toast to family 

Mr. Thinker .... meet our son

Training for the paparazzi takes years of practice ... starting at well now. 

Odd ... just odd

Our most amazing hosts 

I think the little guys are really starting to hit it off.  

Very much time for a hair cut

Don'tcha just LOVE my hair cut? Yeah me too. 

So please welcome our latest addition to the whole Jordan Niednagel clan ... Philip

Sorry kid, if daddy's got to do it ... welcome to the club.

Yup, I'd say they be warmin' up to each other. 

You know, you're right, I guess they were tiny when they start this life. 

Rug surfing.  

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

How come I don't get magazines like cousin William?

Don't worry, I snuck one into your bag for the flight home.

In which we participate in the Mailbox Walk tradition 

Over a mile to the mailbox ... here we go.  

All together then 

A flowering thing 


Teaching my wife how to ride a 4-wheeler

Ain't she cute


What's a little vaca without a little shut eye?

Late night, we challenge each other to a match of hand-eye-coordination.

The old days of gaming


The adoration of the Philipi

Before heading off to bed, we all cram together and pray, think on old times, dream of the future

On and on ...

Totally time for bed!

Once again, early morning ... healthy shakes

Jack's tender side is revealed

Gotta come from some where

Salad dressing

On our way to Jeremy's Luau

Have you ever seen a feast so wonderful?

Pure Art

Of course we need so much more then just food for a great party

Jack finds his first true love

"it'll be his first love 'till his first love comes along"  Paisley

Jeremy entertains us with a Hawaiian Trivia Game

Discussing what the Christian life really IS.


The really proud and thankful grandparents

Mobbing Auntie Barbara

Winding down

Well it's been a long night. Feasting has apparently taken a toll on us all ...

... but especially the introverts.

Story time

Love this kid.

Next day, round two.

Let's go boys

"Look ma, no hands"

Let's roll

He should have been an undercover agent (though I'm not exactly sure how far under cover he could get with that get-up)

My confident driver

Let's go!!

Water's gone down enough to cross



Can't I pose?

Skipping rocks



 (yeah the vine snapped)

I think the reaction was the best part

Well, after 2 1/2 hrs of just talking about life, it was time to head back

Lovely ...

Cool, huh?

The salad monarchs

Our farewell feast

Taking time to recount what it was about our parent's we really are grateful for. For, it came down to a love for God and willingness just to go ahead and do what's right .... no matter the challenges

Matthew the orator

I'd say they're touched

In which I play ... my mom

"You know what they say?"

Truth, indeed, is often stranger then fiction

Love you son!

Some gifts to finish things off

Well, it was way too fast! Over in a flash!

"Good bye! Do you think they'll make it? It'll take a miracle.
Good bye!"