Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Folks,
A short post. Life is very busy. 
So much to think upon, remember and DO!
As always, 
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah & JACK
P.S. Are you getting your cell phones from anyone? Anyone? (Did you actually READ that line?)
Book (ok a bloomin' 8 hour DVD) recommendation of the week is the intriguing Little Dorrit (not necessarily for the younger ones) ...

Little Dorrit

The old paths

Random shot of cute baby in blue

And so begins a few shots of a night that has become a bit of a tradition for me. The Plymouth historical society houses a reenactment of a puritan service. We walk up the original road, up the original hill, we ascend to the site of fort. We pause and sing Psalm 100. We stand where they stood. We sang what they sang. After a word of prayer, we descend in silence. It is a time to remember. Remember the sacrifices of our fathers.

Looking back through the tunnel of time ...

...  and ... is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Do I remember this shot from last year?

The forgotten Pilgrim Family Hathaxamas

Another amazing tradition

Dinner on the beach

Two chilly Willies

For "nourishment"

Never Forget Why They Came!

Well, it's time to go.


Brother and sisters by the bog

Though, the fall is far away, this one leave made me stop. Stop and think of cool nights, sweat shirts, big piles of leaves and campfires 

Muddy Waters

Going for a walk

Once again, in the midst of the great picnic table graveyard

Not quite as artistic abstract to be sure, but definitely a beautiful trio



A Billy & Silly

Could this be Huck searching for 'is ole Tom Sawyer
Well folks, that's all for now. Remember the old paths! Remember the old paths!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The drama of it all ...