Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello Folks,

Just a small update for you. 

As always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah, Jack & Henry

Just another exchange with my dear grandmother ...  

Don't think I quite bought her line of reasoning 

After such a conversation, I'm not sure who exactly walks away enlightened. 

Jack then

Henry Now

"So I think I'm cute"



Yeah .... so I wonder at some of the pictures I find on my camera when I get home. 

So I wonder what we'll do together. Find the fabled Ropen or Mokele Membe? Sail around the world? Discover some great buried treasure? Who knows ... it shall be something.  

Jack tries to start his own band

In which we go to a costume party. With limited time, I dressed Jack up as ... well ... me!

A thoroughly surprised Indian Jones  


The ultimate conspirator wife who made this all possible

Ron Paul Jo.... I mean John Paul Jones? (my deepest gratitude to ... )

the great photo gal who made these last pics possible

Preparing for the game of the night ... Mafia

Narrated By Derrick

Would you believe, my innocent looking wife, was part of the mob?