Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Folks,
To look at my blog, you'd think that all we do is hang out at mansions and take goofy pictures. Funny how the blog is skewed to a very small portion of my life. Life is very real for us. The adventure continues ... for real, even if I do take an inordinate amount of time to focus on the lighter side of life.
Still no word on the house. We are still waiting for the final OK.
Gotta run.
As Always,
Love In Christ Jesus,
Michael & Rebekah & Jack
Book of the week is the Perennial Gardener's Design Primer. Absolutely a great resource I've been delving into to give my garden experience that cutting edge I'm looking for

The Perennial Gardener's Design Primer

The Perennial Gardener's Design Primer [PERENNIAL GARDENERS DESIGN PRI]

Sunday refreshment

"Daddy! Are we there YET?"

A visit to Borderland State Park

Marscel serenades us while we wait for the mob

Behold "The Mob" talking, discoursing and of course chatting

Micaiah enjoys his meal

I have no idea why ... so don't ask!

Off for a course of disc/frisbee golf

My babe!

The idea is to get your disk to the hole within par, just like golf

Evidence of the recent deluge we were plagued with

The sign gives me an idea

I defy even Sir Walter Raleigh to come up with a better idea

Back on dry land, the game continues


Fellow bloggers 

The contrast of Art (of course, If I was Obama, I would have said, "The Audacity of Art".... but I'm not)

Is that the patented Niednagel smirk?

The blissfulness of kiddo-ness

Hobbits as you've never known them

Kind of reminds me of a Far-Side cartoon, something like ... "Unbeknownst to Mama Monica, Jack had worked for days perfecting the innocent drool"   

"Lean against this rock?"

Yes! That rock


Well, every Sunday comes to an end ... 
Every day with perfect lighting only makes us anticipate the next. 
 The day of rest is over, the week is left to be conquered. 
Another week to experience God's grace
Another week to live
(I know it doesn't rhym ... I think that is called prose)

Some final season prep

I absolutely LOVE the self installed vinyl 

A dream comes true

For years, the dream has built. For years, I have hoped. For years, I could only imagine what it would be like ...

... To go surfing!!!!

The Surfin' Spider 

Not sure what the handkerchief is for

Many thanks to Andrew for being such a great teacher!

The explosion of spring

My dear bride (some of you long timers might remember a similar shot from a few years ago)

The greenhouse is full of life

Father and son prepare for the day when someday they may search for Mokele Mbembe together

"Jungle" Art


Daddy tries to take a nap

Tries ... tries


A return to "the spot"


An enthusiastic welcome by the MacBeths

One of the perks of knowing someone trying to fill their number of case studies in reflexology is ... a free case study. I love perks ... love 'em

Pouring my heart out to my new found doctor


Spring continues to grow

Jack soaks in the strengthening rays of light


Phlox (a very handy perennial that loves Sunlight)