Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello Folks,
So, my family is gone.  Despite losing two cars, a broken rental, a non-renewed license and many other mishaps, they made it safely to OK. Now my wife and I begin to play catch up. 
Thought for the week ... so my wife and I are walking around Newport today looking at all the beautiful mansions. Like the thoughtless oaf I can be, I uttered, "Boy, I wish someone would die and leave ME an estate". Then the thought struck me. Someone already did, and the estate that's mine is far greater then any Newport Mansion. 
As always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah & Jack

So I recently downloaded Michael W Smith's CD from two years ago off of's music porthal. Kinda made my day! Thought it would yours. 

Michael W. Smith: A New Hallelujah - Live

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Hannah said...

...Loosing.... two.... cars...? That sounds like an interesting predicament!!

(however you spell predicament... I should know since I just took the SAT... but even though I'm not sure about how to spell it, I'm not going to look it up. Now.)