Sunday, June 14, 2009

A time for ceremony

Mr. Itterman opens up the afternoon with a few words 

we listen

my parents listen

this young man is still learning to listen

Audience Art

A girl blows bubbles

From across the lawn, the wind blows, the cloth rustles and the baloons rise and fall, and still our hosts speak on. They speak of life, of meaning, of a little girl becoming a women, of history, of science, of creation and of the creator.


In time, we heard from Sarah. 

Speeches over, the food is prepared and passed out

Team A

Team B ... HOW did THEY win?

A defining moment of the day

Matthew accepts the homage of the masses

I will never bow before HIM!

"Yes, neither shall I! I shall rather die then bow before a man. Freedom is my longing and freedom is my passion. Freedom to follow the dictates of consience" (editors note, everyone was actually looking for my sister's ring)


1 comment:

AlissandraM said...

we won because we have GIRL POWER!!! lol