Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fort Adams

Michael Flat Feet Lord of the Pants

My Minions Flee in Terror

Though I would love to tell you how my super smart father was sharing the amazing history of the fort. I think "ok ... I'm getting cold, let's head back to the van" was closer to reality at this point. 

Perseverance, Creativity, Leading, Composition, Questioning and Boldness

Setting Sun shines on the smiling sisters

Behold! The historical ocean.

Marscel is amazed at the the lack of fear in the local wildlife

"For you will have a covenant with the stones of the field, 

       and the wild animals will be at peace with you."

Good night ... y'all come again, ya hear?

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.hannah.ruth. said...

I love that last picture, it's so cool! Reminds me of living there... :)