Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saturday morning mentorship continues

With a tray like that, I can not help but enjoy this saturday morning mentorship thing

Totally focused

Isaac deals with remote chaos

"See that Jack! Multigenerational AND multilocational faithfulness"


nerolie said...

Hello! What is 'mentorship' about? I know your life is pretty busy right now, but if you could take a bit of time to expand on what's meant by that, I'd be really grateful :) God bless!

Michael Thomas said...

My father and brothers were participating in a Father Son "mentorship" class focusing on preparing sons for their future by Mr. Jeff Botkin of

Esther said...

Sat. morning mentoring was a family event here. Victoria's teaching on Monday evenings is refreshing as well.
We are glad you posted the sweet pictures.
Thank You!