Thursday, February 25, 2010

A baby's life & Roger's Party

"So!" "Some of you out there, wonder what I do all day"

"Help daddy blog"

"I watch mommy cook"

"I learn the ropes of the yellow bucket"

"And I make the all important decision ... the red one or the blue one"

Roger's surprise 50th birthday party

Few things give great grandmother's as great joy as ... great grandchildren.

Of course the aunt's are still enamored

Um ... shouldn't we be getting things ready?

I'm on it!

"Poor Uncle Roger, will he be scared?"

I love my wife!

Yeah ...


Brother's vie for the best way to wish Roger "Happy Birthday"

In the end, we hear Roger's life as told by the Weary Home Companion

It struck some chord deep inside him

No chords struck there.

Media ever present.

Family sized ice cream 


adavidfentona said...

ah yes the day in the life..... I wonder what the simple folk do?

Thomas Family said...

♥I love you loving your wife♥