Sunday, February 7, 2010

The ski trip of the year ...

Emma dazzles the Jack boy ...

Freezing ... very freezing ...

It doesn't do this in Georgia ... not quite like this anyway

So we are waiting in line when this girl covered from head to toe in snow gear walks straight towards me with a "Michael!" as if I should know exactly who she is. Ah ... "Erin, of course I'd recognize you anywhere in that outfit covered completely as you are."

Our crew heads up the freshly packed bunny slope.

As we ascend to, what for some is already a terrifying height, we are greeted with grim reminders of the seriousness of our situation.

Strap in boys ...

All ready

With surprising grace, Cleveland amazes us all with an amazing triumphant run

Kadoda's Run

Inside for lunch

And what is this I find, my sister with so gloomy a face ... "You are not badly injured, I hope." "Not at all, just a brief fall, but indoors again all day"

Our mountaineer friend

That, sir, is the face of an organizer

An entrepreneur that never stops



Aye, 'ell make a good daddy some day

Next morning we all gather around ...

Our little friends tune in to hear Mr. Botkin's father son mentorship class

... afterward, we had a rousing discussion (could we have anything else) and a game to seal it all in.

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