Monday, July 27, 2009

Back at Kathy's ...

Do you ever have one of those afternoon where you are completely at peace? One of those times when the family is together, and no matter what anyone does, it just feels right.

Kathy's yard is living proof that anywhere can be a haven of beauty, color and life. If Nashua can look this good, well ...

All it takes, are plants and a few good books to create a miniature paradise

Chronicling the Thomas life

Art of discovery

The hobbit welcomes you

One by one, we examine the the forgotten ruins

Can we get in?

"The secret to success is constancy of purpose" Benjamin Disraeli

So we sat and talked of politicks of men & Providence of God;
our rears got wet as we sat on the dewey sod

Something about the way a fire flickers and grabs our imagination ...


Melanie said...

Your poetry cracks me up! I like it :-P

Aaron C said...

Lol, Nashua. I live in the next town over (Hudson). I'm surprised Nashua can be nice sometimes, too. :)