Monday, July 27, 2009

An ode' to family gatherings

There stands in the vale a monument to the ingenuity of a creative young mind

Yes, God has a sense of humor in abstract art. Who would have thought, a purple mushroom?

As barbed wire cut up the open range, so the haunts of our youth are cut up piece by piece by these little plastic signs.

Farewell to an era gone by

Could have been the weather
Could of just been Steve
But blueberries there weren't many
So few I couldn't believe
(Steve came all the way from S.C. just to be on this blog ... what a great new cousin in law)

The failed blueberry expedition over, the cards are brought forth




So, Josh, what exactly IS in your hand?

Abbey's Art

Thank you Abbey!

The sun sets low, and around the fire we gather

Well folks, that's all for now. Remember what great works God has wrought. 

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