Monday, July 20, 2009

A blessed Sunday

Our Sunday begins with a jamming session with Michael W. Smith's worship CD.

Later, Bekah and I come across an encampment of soldiers from the War of Northern Aggression. 

Can you hear the haunting cries waft through the air carried aloft by the sea breeze

Unfortunately, we were a bit late. Modern vehicles invaded the historic setting and tear down begins. It could have been historic. I was so excited, "Wow" what an unexpected blog moment. But No! There was nothing we could do to stem the tide of fleeing reenactors.

Quickly, I dash around to catch a shot of one of the few remaining reenactors.

In time, even they drift away. The building alone stands monument to what was imaginably a great event. 

The keeper of portals of my heart ... my beloved 

"Where did this mighty stone come from?" I pondered, and then ... it hit me. 

A time for reflection

Time slows
waves beat 
the clouds drift
our hearts meet

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