Monday, July 27, 2009

Because we all need a good laugh ... Cletus, Take the Reel


AlissandraM said...

haha i saw this awhile ago. love this guy...

Esther Joy said...

LOL yes i love that guy! He has some good stuff! lol He has some funny stuff! Any way Every thing's looking well with you all! Glad to see it!
Viva La Vida! (Vida means Life btw now you can say viva la vida instead of viva la life lol)

Jordy said...

lol, thanks for the laugh, Mikey. So look forward to seeing you guys in Sept!

Brother Jor

Joseph H. said...

Hey Michael,
This is Joseph from the reformation 500. We talked about landscaping for a bit in the lobby if you remember that. Your blog is so great makes me laugh all the time.
Great Video, you just know with a name like Cletus it just has to be good.... haha