Monday, July 20, 2009

A Saturday to git stuff done

5 months after moving in we STILL don't have knobs on our cabinets or IKEA wardrobe. This was the day to git 'er done. After all the different weekend festivities I've been a part of over the last few months. It was really great to have a Saturday and just clean house.

Finding that dead center


"Taking a break" to sharpen the lawn mower blades

Young eyes are ever watching the movements that we make

A light touch
a smooth stroke

Blades are balanced upon the rim of the wagon

Final adjustments are made.

Somewhere in the vicinity of 4:00pm, I STILL hadn't done the shelving unit for my trailer. So, it was off to the Dread Depot to pick up supplies. 

10:30 pm and I FINALLY have an organized trailer! Just wait 'till we hit the grass on monday. It won't know hit it. Yessirree Bob! 

Bekah's now taking orders for cabinet knob installations. ;-)

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