Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A wedding to remember ...

A friend ... a brother. Dressed differently I know, but both here for the same purpose. The wedding of Ben & Kat

"Let's go!  These things never start on time." 

And these things never work

Keeping Jack entertained with his favorite toy

"But wait ... here, she comes ..."

Yes ... she does 

"You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride; you have stolen my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace." 

The charge 

With a smirk like that, one would have thought there was a little brandy in your eggnog my dear. 

A grand entrance by the bridal party

About to cut up the cake. But wait! Is that the sheet music to You Fill Up My Senses by John Denver?

And is this not the most beautiful acapella arrangement of that song one has ever heard?

You long time followers may remember their wedding from a couple years ago.  

Mother & son

Ever get that sneaky feeling that those little shutterbugs will someday give you a run for your money? 

So after the tear jerker (no I didn't actually cry) arrangement of You Fill Up My Senses, the whole Christian Acapella group these two started came up and did an amazing performance of the song Arms  of Love (see video below) ... ok maybe I DID cry


Oh yeah!

As a couple ... impacting Tufts for Love

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thomasmama said...

Michael, Thank you for capturing Ben and Kat's wedding. It was beautiful! I love the photo of Rebekah on eggnog...and you look so handsome in the one with Jack! Is that actually Ben and Kat on the cover of the Events and Community paper? I wish we could have been there!!!! (but this is a great consolation) ♥