Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

My wife adds a creative touch to the array of food

"What a disaster the party was! The food was burnt ... the milk went sour and the movie was a flop!" Puddleglum

The bearded trio

The arrival of Reepicheep 

Narnian Jeopardy  

Uncle Andrew & Legolas (Legolas? I think he walked out of the wrong book into this party)

Aunt Alberta & Swanwhite

A rather tall reepicheep, I admit, but it comes in handy when the knife threatens!

Apparently she's not totally impressed. 

Introducing ... Eustace

The White Witch 

Some epic ness  

Pug the slave trader 

Complete with tail  

A merry time of conversation, games and desert ... lotsa desert!

With faces like that, it looks like the parties over. But wait! It's NOT over.

Off to the theatre 

Similarity #1 

Now that's just scary! 

Oh yeah! 

The crew 

Chatting with the locals

Ready to roll

Ok ... so the movie wasn't quite what I was expecting. I enjoyed it. If you think critically about literal adaptation you probably won't like it, but its a great fun film. 

Presenting my blade to Aslan


Patty L said...

Hanneke is the cutest slave I've ever seen!!
And JACK! Was he Eustace? Darlin'
Can't wait to see you all in person... heading down in a couple of days!!

Simply me said...

These pictures are GREAT!! Definitely brought me a smile! Wish I coulda been there! Love and miss you all!!

Kitty said...

Wow. I've enjoyed a ton of your posts, but that one was great! Thanks for posting!! :)