Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random stuff and the great chicken slaughter

A break in the icy weather 

Jack tries his hands at drinking milk from a bottle 

Ok ... we weren't expecting THAT reaction 

Sometimes you get a gift that just touches the soul and means a lot 

Nothing like a CARDBOARD BOX! Oh yeah! 

It helps to clear out the clutter inside first! 

Oh, you mean I play with this stuff! 

Bubble but 

One year of nursing exclusively and I'd say he looks healthy.   

The courage of this woman! 

Scalder man 

So the reality is that I arrived right as the last chicken was coming through. I got some great pictures with NO effort.  

A break before the fine cleaning


Center of attention

Since we didn't have a fancy mechanical plucker, there was a TON of fine cleaning to do 

Lots a fine cleaning 

Then on to the ladies to cut up

Learning the technique

So we look over and Jack is imitating his big buddy

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Simply me said...

Wow that takes some serious guts to slaughter a chicken! Pretty discusting, but defintely funny! Jack looks like hes getting older and still very adorable! Thanks for sharing!