Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas ... dream NO longer

Bekah's art 

The one meal out 1095 in a year that Jeff actually cooks ... Christmas breakfast 

The beautiful golden brown stuff 

Good thing we arrived in time! 

With cameras ready, Jack is showered with Holiday stuff 

Making sure my camera still works 

Jeff contemplates the consequences 


I think someone stole me camera 

Think it's gonna snow! Think it's gonna snow!

Someone's all ready

Over at Nana's house

"Get this thing off my HEAD!!" 

Oh wait .... a camera 

Game time 

Played a game called Anything Goes ... had fun. Didn't like the game though 

Hmm ... I think it was easier when he just nursed

1 comment:

thomasmama said...

Hey! I just realized what was so handsome about your photos....you grew a beard and mustache! Muy Guapo! I LOVE this last one of Jack eating! Love the humor. ♥