Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A return to chivalry


How I am going to miss one of my favorite models!

Final prep before saying "hi" to everyone

"Next year in Jerusalem"

Matt and his merry man

"Jack! Look!"

"Let's Do This Thing!"

Gosh I wish we could just walk down the street with my babe against one hip and a sword against the other.

Strike up the band ... er ... cd player. 

Left ... left ... left ...

Such fine dancers! Imagine such grace ... such skill ... such talent ... such ... you know what, I think it's the outfits. Definitely the outfits. 

One can only dance so long! Then ... we must ...


Battle tested ... 

Dance fine lad! DANCE!

Where is our champion?

"I am here, and I shall pin this fell knave to the ground!"

"How'd it look? How'd it look?"

Does this strike fear into the very depths of your soul? No ... oh, ok. Me neither! 

Well THERE hearts have melted with fear before the lasses 

With no men left to fight, the queens of hill are left to battle each other.

Why? Why do they do that?

"So, can I still nurse?" 

Man! I'll miss playing with my dad!


Floating on to victory! 

Aidan about to become a squished bug 

Strapped in with my old three-legged racing partner we again easily run to victory. 

Three legs not much of a challenge? Go for FIVE!

Proud grandparents waiting for the show ... or the disaster.  

And what a success it was.

Melanie and Pa duking it out on the log 

She's got the arm she does. She's got the arm.

Some still speculate. Some are already convinced. Could it be we have not one but TWO ESFP's?

Bekah's Art

Aaaand we have Medieval Jeopardy ... "I'll take More Vikings for 600 please"

Is THAT your final answer?



Debra said...

Where do you get your great costumes? My sons want to know. Do the ladies sew their own dresses?

As usual, love see what you're up to. And nice to have a blog my sons can enjoy and be encouraged in godliness and manliness.


Michael Thomas said...


A lot of our outfits were from my sisters wedding ... and YES, (can you believe it?) they made a lot of the outfits you see.

Thank you for the kind words! Every good and perfect thing is from above!