Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Down the cape

Once again, my wife and I had the amazing opportunity of taking a few days down the Cape with her family

As usual, the "I want to hold Jack" competition was fierce


Another great silly 

One of the highlights of the cabin is the great paths through the open woods 

"Daddy, can we pulleeze just walk?" 


Jordanyo ... 'tis true! 

Run away! 

I just like this one 

I liked taking this one 

Few things more peaceful looking

"Whadya say Jack? Wanna take this one out?"

Hanneke upon her noble steed 

Of course it tastes good!

When you are out on the range ... you just can't forget to yell 'fore!

Golf, who cares ... when there's FISH


"Sorry Jack ... not quite yet" 

So Jeff turns to me and says, "You want to know what the seven year old Bekah was like? There she is! Ice cream mustache and all!"

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