Monday, February 16, 2009

Changing times

"My, oh my
Look how the time flies
Look how the world changes 
in the blink of an eye"

One of Grandma's favorite pastimes

... interrupted by well wishers on her big day.

... where were we?

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Shall we introduce Grandma to our great tradition?

Aleutian cake art

Allow me a short history ...

My great grandfather, a poser was he

Whether drinking water, brew or even tea

Little could he have known he started a trend so big ...

Grand Adventure III thanks him and the early camera rig

Memories last for perpetuity 

Dreams of the home land across the sea

And that's that, the blog goes all the way back to my Great Great Grandfather who came from the mother country so that his Great Great Grandson could have a blog. Well, maybe that's not exactly how the story goes, but I think if he'd of know ... perhaps he'd of started the first "Grand Adventure"

Will we every finish our book?

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Esther Joy said...

I really like the old fashioned pictures Very cool! and glad to see you filling another blog