Monday, February 9, 2009

Random & preparation

Remember "one of those days" ... turned out, I was wrong! It was one of those weeks ;-)

Wedding ceremony prep! (Chris ... Chris! Let's focus here)


Sneak previews!

Debut of the up and coming band "Hobo" (Matthew 8:20). Our corporate sponsor is Brooks Management. Booking performances at Gillete Stadium in 2015. Tickets available for a discount.

How much anguish has this one error caused teens all across the country?


Anonymous said...

Hobo! We are going to be huge.

Farming Family said...

I had no idea you had posted this and while you went to get your marriage certificate from the state of confusion (MA). I booked the whole stadium the phones did not stop ringing, thanks. Please keep me in the loop on all the new ventures. Bossman