Monday, February 2, 2009

The shower - yes, I guess all the guy viewers out their might want to run. But hey ... I lived through it, so I DARE YOU to look at the pics.

No hesitation with the paparazzi here

"mingling" (actually I pretty much passed off my camera for this event)

Jeff opens things up ...

Someone's portrait #1

Someone's portrait #2 (hi Mark!)

Gosh, and this isn't even my wedding!


Presents ... oh boy! Oh BOY (I just LOVED opening gifts in front of 250 people! ;-)

That can't be FIVE CROCK POTS! Who needs FIVE crock pots? Chili anyone? (slightly exaggerated)

"Hello _____ family, we are about to open YOUR gift! Are you paying attention?"

From my sister and hunko Jordo

Artsy Help

Cups! Now, AT LAST, I can drink water.

"Mom, what is he DOING?"



Thanks Amanda (and Melanie, and Lydia .... and of course ALL  the folks who gave us so many gifts so that they could even need to help us) 

Are we really seeing this?


Jolly John

Crazy crowds

A genuine hobbit baby

The "Not-so-newly wed game" 

All the guys troop off

The crowd listens in amusement to the women's answers

In the other room, we entertain ourselves to pass the time

Good answer, probably not the right one, judging by the amused faces, but still ... good answer

Ok, I'll be perfectly honest, Rebekah and I did not stand a chance at this game! I think it was slightly unfair that all the other couples actually LIVE with each other. 

Yup ... tied for last

What famous woman does your wife remind you of?

A victory! (at this point Rebekah and I were no longer "tied" for last. We were just plain LAST)

Matthew & Becky score a victory!

One of the highlights for me was a song Rebekah's cousin wrote for her. It just blew me away!


Hugs all around

Well folks, that's all for now. Y'all come again, ya hear? 


Joy said...

Ok, so what exactly is the "not so newly wed game"?
Love the pictures. :-) I wish that we could come to your wedding... make sure to have someone post pictures for us!

ShutterflyH said...

Wow - that looks like a big event! Hope you weren't too tired out afterwards! :-)

Tai Sophia said...

Looks like it was a jolly day!

Esther said...

We wish we could HEAR that song Rebekah's cousin wrote.
Could you arange to play it on your blog sometime when you get a round tuit?
It was remarkable that they did that shower with everyone! How fun. You are both much loved!