Friday, February 27, 2009

In which we arrive

My bride arrives at the church

I do hope the minister is not having second thoughts about this ...

My devoted brother-in-law AKA Hunko Jordo

Unfortunately, it is my duty to let you all  know that roses do NOT stand up to 470 people hugging you in a receiving line. Please take this into consideration for ALL future weddings and choose a more durable product. 

So we are here at the church ready to do the group formals (an idea I questioned at first, but it turned out to be probably the most relaxed way to do it especially with our very limited time afterwards) any way, as I was saying, we are ready to roll, everyone is getting into position and we realize, WHERE'S THE PHOTOGRAPHER ... everyone just breathe and try not to panic ...

While they wait 

One proud father.

1 comment:

Esther said...

Congratulations Michael & Rebekah!
This has been one FUN evening seeing your wedding pics.
Thank you for sharing your adventure!