Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Sunday Drive

Firin' up some Voddie on our Sunday drive (

Yes! We stopped before I shot this ... I learned my lesson ;-)

Ready to roll 

" Yes, your "Never-never country" -- yes, your "edge of cultivation"
   And "no sense in going further" -- till I crossed the range to see.  God forgive me! No, I didn't. It's God's present to our nation.   Anybody might have found it, but -- His Whisper came to Me!" Kipling
And WHAT did we find?


The forbidden gorge ...

Why ... it's me! Who would of thought?



Stand Fast!

Come up. Come UP and "know me better man!" Dickens

A time for reflection




It was probably about 20F here. Once you are in ... the water's fine.

My babe!

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JFly said...

Re: "My babe!"

Michael, I am very glad that you were the one!