Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something you may never see again

A time for the artsy stuff


Red against white

Hey babe!

A couple's love




Standing portrait

My jewel

My heart

My shoe


Portrait art 2

Portrait art 2b

Overexposed art

Overexposed art2

"Let me see me in your eyes" 


My favorite shot of the day

A glorious day

A glorious girl

Swaggerin' Art

Behind us is where we went snowboarding

What a day!


KaHolly said...

Love these photos! Absolutely beautiful, each and every one. So very, very glad you shared. -"auntie" karen

Patty L said...

My jewel. My heart. My shoe???
I laughed out loud!

Joy said...

I love her cape! :-)

The Mello's said...

I love these pictures...Rebekah your so beautiful...of course Micheal you look great!:) Shoe???LOL

Anna said...

Great pictures ya'll. I think you had too much fun! lol Did you take those with a timer and tripod?

Mell said...

The pic, 'Overexposed art' looks like a head and arms coming out of the snowbank with petals- or blood- strewn all over the snow! What happened to the rest of her! Abuse! Abuse!(already!! that didn't take long!) lol - jk - hehehe!!! :D

Mickey said...

Michael, from what I can see, you look like a very fun person..."my jewel, my heart, my shoe." lol...that gave me a good laugh. you have such a beautiful bride...i'm sure her life with you will NOT be a bore in the least bit.

Esther Joy said...

OH wow! I love these shots! Amazing and absolutely gorgeous! That dress and coat is so beautiful and with the snow oh wow! Beautiful couple you two are too