Thursday, March 12, 2009

At the Trapp Family Lodge

Art - Also known as "Ice dams waiting to happen"


Inside the lodge, their were flowers EVERYWHERE!

Since our sleigh ride was late, we got to tour the greenhouse

A rose among the flowers


Dried Beauty

At last it was our time.

The sun has set

With our cheeks nipped by the cold and our fingers burning, we head in for some hot spiced cider

The family tree


Melanie said...

I love catching you when you are updating... faster, faster ;-)

Mell said...

Hey (on your sleigh ride), wha'd ya do wid da driver??!!

Michael Thomas said...

He suddenly found himself in the role of THE photographer.

Dinah said...

Hi Michael and Rebekah!
We are so happy for you both and enjoyed the pictures of your honeymoon.
Did you happen to meet Sam VonTrapp at the VonTrap lodge? In May he plans to marry my cousin Elisa.
So Lord willing my sister, Regina, and I will be flying out to wedding at the Lodge.
God bless you both!

Michael Thomas said...

Sorry Dinah, I did not have the pleasure, but ... congratulations!