Monday, March 23, 2009

The journey continues

That perfect time of the year when it's warm enough to doff the coat but cool enough that a hoodie feels awsome

"Yes. Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. For example: You're walking along, minding your own business. You're looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when all of a sudden you run smack into a pretty face. Woo-woo! You begin to get weak in the knees. Your head's in a whirl. And then you feel light as a feather, and before you know it, you're walking on air. And then you know what? You're knocked for a loop, and you completely lose your head!" Bambi


Hey! Amanda's tires

The well marked trail. 

A sister's bond

Ever forward


Micaiah's great find

Inevitably, no matter how exiting the walk, their comes a time when the little legs refuse to carry their masters.

The little masters line the road like battle weary victims

Of course, some of us take solace in the fact that even if our legs are tired, the pictures shall live on.

Well folks, that's all for now. Y'all come again, ya hear?

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Josiah E. said...

Ah, who can say it better then old Mr. Owl?