Monday, March 30, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon

My summary of Mark Itterman's message on Philipians 2

Companion of destiny

Following their recent trip to Russia, Josh & Matthew come back laden with gifts, chocolate and stories of God's work in that tired land.

A captive audience (amazing how a couple pieces of chocolate can boost audience attentiveness)

Very attentive!


Matthew unlocks my passion. One of the few "junk food" things I'll eat. BUT, if it's any less then 75% cocoa ... it's TOO sweet. 

The eyes ... definitely the eyes.

The stinging reality of brotherly affection 

A blessed birch broach (ok, ok a necklace to be sure, but since necklace starts with N, I'd 'ave had to of said something like a Nifty Nerdy Necklace and that just isn't working for me)

"You should put this on your dresser so that you don't lose it" -  Wisdom from a 4 year old

Sharing from their diaries

Artistic attentiveness

A duly blotted entry

Fantastic Footage for the Fanatic (after 3 hours, I ceased to be a fanatic and fixed Marscel's airsoft gun with him) - In all seriousness, their trip blessed them as much or more then those they went to bless. They were challenged. I think the biggest challenge they all faced was, as good and necessary as this trip was, what needs are HERE? Are we missing the opportunity's at the tip of our own noses.

Well folks, that's all for now, y'all come again, ya hear?

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ShutterflyH said...

Looks like ya'all are having fun and keeping busy!!