Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Through muck and mire ...

When the weatherman says "rain" and the Hathaways say "air soft" the weatherman was SUPPOSED to be wrong. Unfortunately, this time, he was right. 

Peter snags our attention ... Melanie snags his picture (thank you Melanie for your great event coverage! I love you sista)

Had this been dry weather, this would have been the event of the year .... instead, it was just an absolutely great time. 

A word of prayer. One of the few times both sides of a conflict are present for the last rites

Here comes the rain!

The Mafia arrives

The mountain ranger reunites with his long lost city slicker brothers

Together, they reunite with their raw recruit brother. 

Boy was the weather man RIGHT!

"If I don't come back, tell my wife, I love her, and she can have my mac"

A local household fuels the resistance

In between games, we repair guns, warm up and, of course, turn the Hathaway's once clean floor into a disaster.

Well, this is certainly one game day we will remember!

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