Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday stuff

Guess what we learned about?


Discourse over things worth discoursing about

Such as what do you actually DO with a tithe (of course, what IS a New Testament tithe? [and then assuming you figure out exactly what it is, and what you do with it, how do you properly get the deacons to oversee all that?)

Not sure he's come up with a complete solution to all this (the palm, by the way, is an annual Palm Sunday tradition as you might recall)

So much to talk about as we sit enjoying the sunlight

Palm Stuff

A mutinous assembly  (just as a side note, I overheard these boys [yes, these boys with a shield, a flag resembling a Texan flag, a quarter staff and staves] that they were really AMERICANS, perhaps they are right. Perhaps this how we'll fight when we finally end the nuclear proliferation crisis)

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