Monday, April 6, 2009

Post church relaxation ... in other words, taking a walk so that we have pictures for the blog (what can be a more valiant a motive?)

"Down the road, see what life's gonna hold, down the road ..."

Only minutes from our vehicles, a suitable spot presents itself

Philosopher maidens

But of course, what the sister's do, so must the youngers

As a result of marriage, to ME (would you believe it), my wife has been drafted into the ranks of Blogger Staff. 


Ouch ... ooh ... descending

Amidst the picnic table graveyard


Abandonment & Rejection


I'm sure blessed to have such a great family

Awaiting the Loch Ness monster ... no sightings reported

A Brother's Hand ...

The mob moves on


Though dressed in red, yellow, black & white,
in their minds, they are on an expedition important as man's first flight
The joys of imagination can transport a child far
a rock becomes a castle, a log a speeding car



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