Sunday, April 26, 2009

House gift and garden

Bekah still working on thank you cards discovers DUPLICATION!

Unveiling a very (though certainly never overly) belated wedding gift ...

Put in your orders today ...

Stunning! Mark ... you are absolutely and totally somethin' else.

Installing our "greenhouse"

Those little seedlings are gonna think they died and went to heaven. Theologically, that is actually 1/2 right since Jesus did talk about a seed dying and bringing forth life. I'd scratch the heaven part of the analogy though.

Mixing some seedling mix

The rough an' ready repair guys

Well, not quite rough, but certainly ready.

Only Ben ... (well, actually, I think somewhere inside of me was a guy like this ... come to think of it, let me up there)

Picnic on the porch ... guess who's pregnant (and yes, totally setting a bad dietary example, hint, it's NOT me since I'M the one with the healthy red pepper sticks.

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