Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring now rules in New England ... Winter is conquered

Where better to celebrate the triumph of spring then in one of New England's finest garden estates ... how did you guess it? Yes. Blithewold, AGAIN!!!



Align CenterAlmost exactly a year apart, we celebrate Sean and my birthday (yes, 25 will be me on the 21st!!)

Kombucha, the elixir for "aging men"


"In spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love"

With Kombucha proudly displayed, Sean & Bridget take pics with some of the younger ones

Portrait of spring


Dwarfed by magnificence (just so we are clear, I'm talking about the tree)

Safe in his arms

A jungle respite. Unfortunately, after diligent searching and much funding by scientific sponsors across the nation, it is my unfortunate duty to report that we did NOT find Mokele Mbembe beneath these green fronds. Alas!

Yes, it would have been quite the discovery. Instead, we pause for another shot.

Perhaps he runneth from the Mokele creature

Well, when I actually think about it, that IS a rather small jungle for Mr. Mokele to have remained hidden all these years undiscovered.


Anyone remember this spot?

Hanneke discovers that the larger the rock, the larger the splash. Smart girl! Huh?


Catching up to all the long legged folk

Amidst the ruins, beauty stands


Billy and the two Sillies

Down lover's lane we walked
Hand around each other
Heart's closer then sister and brother.

Hmm ... I fit

Sort of

Well SHE fits

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