Monday, April 20, 2009

"Phone hoooooommmme"

After our brief bout with the alien "thing", we find a peaceful place to recover our senses (has anyone ever wondered, do angels qualify as "aliens"?)


Do you ever just stop and ask yourself, "does someone need a hug?" No? Hmmm .... please, start today!

Hugs, they are just good for you!

Mom explains some theory of energy, electromagnetic communication and natural effects ... gosh! You'd think I was her son or something.

A very "Holy" kiss ;-)

Marscel up close and personal

I miss my family!


"... and to brotherly kindness, love."

Remembering their younger days

"Better a meal of vegetables where there is love
than a fattened calf with hatred."

Can ... she ... do ... it?


In memory of feet everywhere

Well, that's all for now, y'all come again, ya hear?

1 comment:

Roberta said...


Ah, yes, I would think so. Melanie is the sort of girl who does what she sets out to do, just like a true Thomas! You two must be related! :)